A Cut Above the Rest.   C&S Meat Design  Sets a Standard of Excellence

Bridgeland, Utah 84021 

Phone (435) 646-3320 or (435) 823-3320

Are you looking for a Butcher? Are you trying to find an honest meat processor that will take care of your individual needs. One with new facilities and the latest technologies.  Than you have found the right place.

C&S MEAT DESIGN wants to earn your business now and in the years to come.

We take pride and time in producing a product that keeps the promise of quality in a clean and modern facility.  Since 1999, the Clayburn family has lived up to your expectations of flavor and consistent excellence. We process Beef, Pork, Lamb, and Wild Game.  We GUARANTEE what you bring in, is what you will take home. 

     Our facility features a new double shrink wrap system, that seals in the flavor.  We double shrink wrap all meat in 75 gauge Dupont shrink film, keeping freezer burn to a minimum.


Come visit us or check us at www.csmeatdesign.com

email us at csmeatdesign@yahoo.com