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Is it for the Sport or Meat?


My son Chet and I started a new business venture- meat processing in Jan 2000. At first I was quite skeptical about being a butcher. Acutely I found out it is really a clean and enjoyable job, especially when the animals are skinned and eviscerated properly. Then the game season came and all the deer and elk started coming in. It has given me room for thought!

Why in the world would one skin an elk on the ground then drag it a quarter mile in the dirt and leaves then hang it up with the flies and birds for a week to age? Then they bring it in to a processing plant to cut and wrap. Does this make it edible? I think not.

Weíve heard dozens of excuses why the meat was so dirty, for instance " All I had was my dull knife", " It was so big I had to drag it", or "I didnít know I shot it 3 times." Excuses or not, lets save the meat. Be prepared, use a skinning knife, take some rope with you and get it off the ground to skin or if youíre close to a plant take it in to them. We would rather take time to skin it and have it clean in the cooler than dirty, contaminating everyone elseís .

I donít care what Dad and Grandpa did. We now have coolers and equipment to process meat properly. Please donít age your meat in your garage or a tree, the environment is not right. Your meat dries out quickly requiring us to skin it again to remove the dried meat and dirt. To get rid of contaminated meat requires a lot of trimming. A bullet will drag and push contamination from one side to the other. So cut it out, donít wash it out, that just spreads it all over. Remember your paying us by the pounds to trim, cut, and wrap this meat so what you can obviously see is not editable get rid of it immediately. This means bullet holes, maggots, what has turned green and what the cat ate. Another gripe of ours is, why leave hide on the legs? The hair just falls off on the meat and contaminates it. And please leave the tendons attached-- it is so much easier to hang.

Take some plastic bags to put it in until you get to your truck with the coolers.

Meat spoils so quickly when it is hot. The neck of a elk will spoil on a warm day in a few hours. They need to be cooled down quickly and it may require that you remove the hide, so be prepared. A lot of good capes are lost because the hide was left on to long. Seldom does one need to cut the throat if he going to clean it anyway --youíll remove just as much blood either way, but the meat will be cleaner if you donít and youíll save the cape. Then maybe the fun wouldnít be over when the trigger is pulled-- but one could say " boy, now thatís a good steak".

Some one suggested the hunter safety class also teach about the care of the meat.

I think it should be mandatory. Iíve never seen so much meat wasted as this yearís hunt. Iíve come to the conclusion that it must be just for sport-----so please, please prove us wrong.