After several years of unsuccessful attempts to harvest a bull Elk, 2003 was my year.  I was very fortunate to bag a bull elk of a life time and I was not going to ruin it with improper field care and meat processing.  Along came C&S Meat Design!  Chet and Roger are not only butchers in the meat processing business, they go that extra mile to make sure you are prepared for the after the harvest tasks. ( see their "Is it for sport or meat" section).  With sharp knives and a good bone saw, (thanks to Chet), I fully caped my entire elk for a full size mount.  Once that task was complete, C&S Meat Design took over and processed my elk as I requested and had it packaged and frozen for me to transport home.  Their Facility is one of the finest I have visited, itís clean and they use all modern equipment to cut and wrap your meat.  If you are in need of a meat processor for your harvested game animals or your farm raised domestic animals don't hesitate to give Roger and Chet at C&S Meat Design a call.  They will assist you and provide the BEST meat processing service available.


Steve Santoro

Life Like Taxidermy

Madera. CA



A couple of years ago, we had a beef cut up by a company that when they returned our meat we couldnít eat it. It was tough and smelled so strong when we cooked it. We searched for a new meat cutter and many referred us to C&S Meat Design. We have been very impressed with their work and know that the meat that we take in is the meat that we take home. They know how to cut the meat so that it is tender on your plate and tasty to the palette. The one thing that I like is that the meat is double wrapped for freshness which prevents freezer burn. They package the meat for the size of your family. Their facility is new, clean, and modern. I highly recommend C&S to anyone who wants to deal with honest people and have the job done right. Rather it be wild game or domestic beef, this is the place to go.

M. Scholes

Roosevelt, UT









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